There are a lot of options in town if you're looking for a gym to get your fitness on. There's of course the standard gym with all the equipment. Places like Axiom Fitness. And then the more niche places to workout, like Cyclebar, or any of the million Hot Pilates places. That sounded like I was annoyed by them, but Hot Pilates is actually my favorite form of organized exercise. And I actually have a membership to Axiom that I quite enjoy.

On Broadway and Parkcenter in Boise there is a Pure Barre studio that I've been meaning to check out. I've done Pure Barre before, and it's actually pretty intense. Think ballet with weights (a very oversimplified explanation). But I just noticed that there is actually a new workout facility that's going to be in that same shopping center.

Dope (A boxing gym), "The most addictive workout in Boise," is coming soon to downtown. Walking past the facility, it is in complete renovation at the moment to suit the gym's needs. It does look like they will be close to completion sooner than later. So which one would get your coins?

The thing about niche gyms like this is that they are inevitably expensive. A single class at Pure Barre is $25. The least expensive class at Dope is $30. Both offer promotions and packages, but still come out to pretty pricey if you're not committed 100% to always going to class.

It will be interesting to see if the difference in workout is enough to not be competition, or if there will be a battle to steal and keep clients. Especially in a pandemic, these places need as much business as possible. Who would you trust your fitness to?

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