Ladies, if you're anything like me you have a "Mama Bear" streak in ya at times and the adrenalin kicks in, and you'll do anything you need to do to protect your young.  Check out the story of a real live Mama bear, who had some friendly suggestions for a group of tourists at Yellowstone National Park recently.  Like, get out!

Game wardens said the tourists were in danger, and reminded everyone never to come between a bear and her cubs.  The mama bear got tired of the pictures, and chased the tourists away.  Click HERE for the story from the Washington Post.

She had three cubs with her that she was trying to protect, and as a mom of three I appreciate how she lets them scatter along the road and and follow behind at their own pace, and doesn't stress over it.  I can't get my three girls to keep up either, and I'm constantly looking back over my shoulder telling them to quit zig-zagging and stopping to look at shiny things.  Maybe bears and people really aren't that different.

Note to self:  On vacation this summer at a national park, follow the advice of the experts and stay at least a football field away from Mama Bear.  No Facebook pic is worth really ticking her off.

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