I was a loyal fan of the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy that came out years ago. I actually learned a lot about simple things that you might miss. For instance, get rid of those large and extra large sizes when you lose weight. That way you never fall back into that bad habit.

I loved watching the life changing stories which impressed me most. This was a great show on Bravo. .

The Queer Eye buzz started up again in 2018 as the show reboot and this time on Netflix. My wife loves it and so does my son because these guys have become pop culture. You see them everywhere and the show is amazing. That brings me to my wife mentioning that one of her favorite characters was doing a road trip and landed in Boise.

I started looking around and found a story on KTVB and she's right. I'm not sure if he's still here but Tan France (style expert on the show) posted up a photo in front of the capitol building.

Over 128k fans like that photo and started posting comments from Idaho. I think it's pretty cool to see this kind of love go to people visiting wondering what Idaho is about. Just like KTVB, I'm not sure why he's visiting but Tan did mention being on a road trip. If you're still in Boise Van please stop by the show. You are always welcome on Mix!

Much love from the fam.

You can catch Van France with his iconic cast members on NETFLIX.

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