Hagerman's Hidden Crown Jewel

Found in beautiful Hagerman less than two hours from Boise, Idaho State Parks & Recreation writes "Thousand Springs State Park is a testament to why this rugged area of southern Idaho is called the Magic Valley." In a state with 27 national parks, that says a lot!

A Spectacular 6-in-1-Stop Shop

Hagerman's hidden crown jewel is a multifaceted experience divided into six unique features: the Oregon Trail; Billingsley Creek; Ritter Island; Box Canyon; Niagara Springs; and Malad Gorge. If the idea of visiting six separate attractions sounds exhausting, you'll be glad to know they're just a short distance away from one another!

One reviewer on TripAdvisor had this to say of his experience exploring the series:

We saw Niagara Springs, Box Canyon, Ritter Island, Devils, Washbowl/Malad Gorge Park as a single trip. These are fairly close together and take just a few hours after visiting Shoshone Falls. They are each remarkable in their own way.

-Vic S. 


Take a look at Thousand Springs' 6 wonders in the gallery below!

Park Fees, Camp Sites, & Reservations

Adventurers and large families looking to spend less on an Idaho vacation get more bang for their buck at this one-stop-shop of wonders! In most Idaho State Parks, parking fees are waived for visitors with a state-issued MVEF sticker/an Idaho State Parks Passport. Want one? You can purchase them through the state here.

Non-passport holders are charged a $7 fee per car, per night. RV and campsite stays can be booked up to nine months in advance at any Idaho State Park. To find all available sites, visit Idaho State Parks & Recreation.

6 Spectacular Natural Wonders Hidden in 1 Spot 90 Minutes from Boise

While each of Idaho's 27 state parks offer something spectacular for visitors to see and do, only Thousand Springs State Park offers a series of six exquisite wonders within such close proximity to one another.

Comprised of the Oregon Trail, Billingsley Creek, Ritter Island, Box Canyon, Niagara Springs, and Malad Gorge, the hidden jewel of the Magic Valley is an oasis of affordable adventure with an entrance fee of just $7 per car, per night. The deal is even sweeter for Idaho State Park Passport holders!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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