**Rosana has been found safe**

This is the kind of news that no one wants to hear but the Nampa Police Department posted on their Facebook page asking for help from the public.

The NPD are currently searching for an elderly woman with dementia. Her name is Rosana Highley and she was last scene in the North Canyon Street & Delaware Avenue area. She was wearing a black nightgown.

Rosana is nonverbal and recently had hip surgery. Nampa Police and Fire have both done an extensive search in the area and have not located her yet.

If you have any details on where Rosana Highley might be please reach out to the Nampa Police Department immediately at 208-465-2257.

If this was your family member you would want to find her as soon as possible so please share this information around so we can get Rosana back home as quick as possible and reunited with her family.

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