If you're unfamiliar with "add the words", it's a blanket effort that encourages government offices on several levels (city all the way up to federal) to add words which extend protection from discrimination for residents based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Currently the City of Boise and the City of Meridian have taken steps to ensure their residents have these protections. Nampa, has not.

While you can read the full article from the Idaho Press on this issue, HERE, Mayor Debbie Kling argues that since Nampa is already welcoming there's no real rush for the city to add the words. Now, while that certainly sounds ideal--if the city is THAT welcoming, it makes me wonder what the harm could be to add said words to city ordinance? Shouldn't that make it an easy motion to move forward?

A lot of social media feedback that I saw seemed to argue Nampa WASN'T welcoming. Having grown up there, I just want to see the city be a safe place for everyone--then again, isn't that our wish for the whole world? It may sound cheesy, but I would hope Nampa see's there's more good than harm to come from adding protections for those who may be vulnerable to harassment or discrimination in the community.

As of now, local "add the words" organizers hope to bring to light more information, for Nampa's City Council.


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