These are things Lifetime movies are made of…literally.

A Nampa man was robbed at gunpoint, choked unconscious, and left for dead on the side of an Oregon highway after a Craigslist sale gone wrong.

Mike Miller, a father of five, says a lot of his business comes from selling things online on sites like Craigslist. He got a call Monday morning from someone wanting to buy a trailer he posted for sale.

He agreed to meet them halfway between Christmas Valley and Nampa at a grocery store parking lot in Vale. When he got there, the suspects told him there had been a minor snag, they had car problems, and needed him to meet them about an hour further.

Three men, one being only 17 years old, showed up and told him they still wanted to buy the trailer. As he unhooked it from his own truck and attached it to the other vehicle, they attacked. They punched him in the back of the head and the sheriff said the trio forced Miller at gunpoint to sign a bill of sale for the trailer.

He says he was also hit with a baseball bat and a tire iron during the attack. One of the guys wrapped him in a choke hold, squeezing him until he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, the men were gone, the trailer was gone, along with cash, tools and a gun stolen from his truck.

He was found on the roadside by an Oregon Department of Transportation employee, who called police.

The robbers' vehicle broke down not too far from where they attacked him, and all three suspects were arrested by Oregon State Police.

Two of the men were booked into the Malheur County Jail and the 17 year old is in the custody of juvenile corrections.

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