I can’t think of very many things that attract a crowd in Idaho like a massive gun show does.

Hundreds of people gathered this weekend at the Ford Idaho Sports Center for the Great Idaho Gun Show put on by Lewis Clark Trader.

I was able to meet with the Founder, Paul Snider, who said he’s been doing gun shows like this for over 30 years. “Nampa, and really all of Idaho in general, has a lot of people who really like guns,” says Paul, “they’re outdoor enthusiasts who love hunting and fishing, and you guys have always been great, and the Ford Idaho Center is great, so we keep on coming through.”

Nampa always shows up for the gun show, and they’ll continue to keep coming through nearly every other month. The events are Saturdays from 9:00am-6:00pm and Sundays from 9:00am-3:00pm ($10/person).

Here are the upcoming dates in 2022:

  • April 9th – 10th
  • June 4th – 5th
  • September 10th – 11th
  • November 12th – 13th
Parker Kane
Parker Kane

I noticed while I was there that this place had absolutely everything. Whether you’re looking for antiques or the newest of the new, they had guns and ammo aplenty. They also had knives, any parts you might need for your custom builds, and a variety of patriotic merch etc.

I’m sure some people go there for something specific, maybe an antique they've been looking for, but there seemed to mostly be “booth-scrollers” like myself, and we had a ton of fun just walking around, talking, and looking at everything that was there.

Nampa Great Idaho Gun Show Always a Hit (So they keep coming through!)

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