All citizens in Nampa can take a deep breath, this new fee most likely won't affect you. KTVB just released the details on a new city impact fee to ensure the quality of public services over the next 10 years as the city continues to grow rapidly.

Anne Wescott of Galena Consulting estimates that over the next 10 years Nampa will increase their population by over 22,200 people. And to keep up with the rising population will cost the city an additional $255 million for police, fire, street and park services.

Here is the good news, the Nampa City Council voted to increase the impact fees paid by commercial and residential developers who come into the community to build. The estimated fee calculations show nearly $70 million generated over the next 10 years. Although these fees will only maintain the current level of services, these will not improve any current issues.

The new fees will take affect in early July, as a resident I am just glad that the land developers are picking up the tab on this.

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