Every year, Boise ranks on a number of Top 10 lists. It's not hard to see why, but I thought I would share my own personal reasons for Boise being #1 on my list of "best place to live".
*in no particular order

1. Family - My husbands family lives in Idaho. My kids have grandparents just a few doors down in the same neighborhood and Aunts, Uncles, and cousins just a stones throw away.

2. Weather - Growing up in the South, humidity was something I never thought I would get away from. I LOVE the change of season in the Treasure Valley and the lack of humidity. I also love the close proximity to a lot of our favorite destinations, McCall, Portland, Seattle, and the Pacific Coast.

3. Safety - I have lived in a couple of large cities and after having children, it's even more important to me that we raise them in a safe, loving community. I feel like Boise is just that place.

4. Cost of Living - Living in large cities before permanently planting roots in Boise makes me truly appreciate the cost of living and how far a dollar goes here. The same size house in Portland or Charlotte would easily be double.

5. Things to Do! - There is SOO much to do in Boise! From the cultural attractions to the incredible outdoors, it really is the perfect place to live and stay busy!

What would be on YOUR Best of Boise list?

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