Have you seen this?  If your kids are like mine, they are whizzes with devices and gadgets, but give them a rotary phone and they're totally stumped.  My girls can kick my butt on the WiiU, but can they figure out an old school typewriter?

My dad collects old stuff, and he's got several old typewriters like this around the house.  Every time my girls and I go back to visit, they hit the keys one finger at a time, and watch those long, metal arms holding each letter hit the paper, and they think it's fun to pull on the silver metal bar, roll it across, and make it ding.  It's fun once, but maybe not so fun if you're trying to write a book.  Progress is good.

Maybe you gathered up some of this old stuff at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale last weekend.  If you did, drag it out this weekend at your back yard barbecue and play a quick round of "stump the kids."  And take lots of pics with your fancy smart phone!