Lyft is in Boise now, and that gives you another rideshare option besides Uber.

I have a friend who drives for both, but favors Lyft because the pay is better. Here's how he does it.

My friend starting driving for the apps after losing his job earlier this year, and he was looking for a way to make a little money while he looked for a new gig.  He's still looking for a full-time job, but this whole app-driving experience has been positive enough that he can make ends meet doing that and nothing else.  He's living like a pauper and even making his own toothpaste to save every dime possible, but still, Lyft is paying the bills.

Without getting into exact dollar amounts, he tells me Lyft gives a bigger percentage of the fare to the driver than Uber does.

This is what he does most days:

--Wakes up early and heads toward Downtown.

--Turns on the app when he's about five minutes away.

--Responds to a rideshare request when it pops up, which usually isn't any longer than five minutes or so.

--Picks up the rider and takes him or her to the destination.

--Clicks the button on the app that completes the ride.

--Accepts another ride request.

He picks the downtown area because he finds that to be the spot where there are the most requests in the morning.  If he drives at night, he picks areas where there are several bars and restaurants, and then he's right there in the area when it's time for folks to go home.  Oh, and Albertsons' stadium on game days! Thousands of people must be Lyfting their way to the game and back.  Cha ching.

Whenever he decides to quit driving for the day, he quits.  He has no set hours.  And the money is deposited into his account by the end of the shift, because the riders' credit cards are linked to their apps, and clicking the "ride completed" button triggers the transfer of funds. Slick as a whistle.

And it's a fun job, he says.  Yesterday he had a girl in his car who played the ukulele and she played songs for him all the way to the airport.  Random!  And fun.  That doesn't happen often at work for the rest of us.

Uber or Lyft, whatever it is for you, it's proof that technology helps make life convenient, and it's nice to have both options in Boise.

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