"How can you tell if someone is vegan?"
"They'll tell you as soon as they meet you."

Haha, so funny. But isn't this more true about people who do Crossfit? Or am I sensitive because I am a vegan? In any case, vegans are out here living and thriving in Boise because Boise actually caters to us! That might sound surprising, since fishing and hunting is big here, and we're home to some amazing steak houses, burger joints, and seafood places (looking at you, Anthony's). But research doesn't lie.

According to a study by WalletHub, Boise actually ranks 5th out of 100 largest cities in being vegan and vegetarian friendly after weighing the following: affordability, accessibility, diversity, quality, and vegetarian lifestyle. Looks like Boise has something in common with California cities, as San Francisco and LA take the 4th and 3rd place spots. And I can personally attest that there really are quite a few options in town that make dining out as a vegan a breeze.

Mai Thai has a full page of vegan options that's actually listed first on its menu. Bombay Grill's vegan menu items actually get more play than the non-vegan options whenever I go with carnist friends. The Stil doesn't discriminate with providing vegan frozen treats. There's a huckleberry situation you need to try. The Funky Taco caters to the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle without sacrificing flavor. High Note Cafe is completely vegan and tricked my mother in law into thinking she was having the best carne asada of her life. Even Barbacoa has something for the resident vegan, you just need to ask. And these places are just in a small radius of Downtown Boise.

No, I'm not preaching for everyone to go vegan. I myself have only been vegan for a little under five years. But it is nice to be included and love that Boise is a top 5 city for us annoying vegans.

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