My hometown of Las Vegas started its first ever vegan food bank just last month and  as a vegan, this news is actually very huge! Having grown up experiencing food insecurity (there were days I'd eat bowls of ketchup to get through the day) and benefitting from food bank services, I've often wondered how I'd deal with food insecurity now as a vegan. My choice to be vegan is a moral one. And the thought that anyone would have to choose between their morals or survival just doesn't sit right with me. I mentioned to my friend and co-host, Moug, about the vegan food bank in Las Vegas and expressed my desire to help make a vegan food bank happen here in Idaho.

Just a few weeks later Moug sends me an Instagram post:

First of all, I'm always hungry, so this instantly caught my attention. But the fact that the food is free, all you have to do is send a DM? Has to be too good to be true. Add the hashtags #decolonizeveganism and #vegan, I needed to know all about this Free Eats Project.

In the words of Amber, the Black biracial founder of the Free Eats Project, she is a "firm believer that items needed to survive, such as food, water, shelter, etc., should be freely provided to the public." And with that notion in mind, she and her son George create 100% plant based meals free for pickup to anyone in need. Though food insecure individuals and BIPOC take priority, Free Eats Project is open to everyone on a rotating weekend schedule. So if you've just had a long, hard week and can't bring yourself to make dinner, they've got meals ready for you.

To sign up, all you have to do is slide into the Instagram DMs. Keep in mind, however, that this isn't a specialty service. She doesn't take orders or requests. You get what you get (save for allergy restrictions, which will be taken into account). But Amber was raised in the deep south, so you know the food will be bomb. And her son George comes in clutch with the baked goods.

Of course none of this is possible without funding and resources, which all come from volunteers, donations, and Amber herself. Hit her up in the DMs if you'd like to contribute to this incredible project. And while you're at it, spend time exploring the Free Eats Project Instagram page for an in depth look at everything they're doing, including mouth watering pics of their delicious vegan goodies.

I couldn't be more grateful that Moug turned me on to this. I'm pumped to share this with you and hope you will spread the word!

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