What's in the water Idaho? Can I get some of whatever it is that you might be drinking because everyone is winning on Idaho Lottery Scratch tickets this week.

We started the week with Bryan Moss from Meridian who won $250,000 and it was his 6th win on scratch tickets. This Idahoan became a national story in moments making opening monolog features on Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers.

The week continues with more breaking news that Orlene Peterson of Coeur d'Alene took home $500,000. There is a catch because she won on two separate tickets in different towns. Orlene won $300,000 on one ticket and then $200,000 with a completely different one. She didn't even buy them together.

It's like leaving the Mix 106 studios off Parkcenter and picking up a ticket while getting gas. I wake up the next morning to grab something for my pregnant wife who might be craving something chocolate and buy another. You scratch them that night to win on both tickets totaling $500,000 dollars. Can you imagine?

I'm imagining winning and that's why I bought some before going on the air today. I picked some up at the Jackson's by St. Luke's Hospital in Downtown Boise minutes ago. I asked the guy what to pick and he responded with, "Do you want to win or have fun winning?" I said, "BOTH!" He explained that you can just pick some random cards that you should narrow in on your game. You play the odds and so I bought like 5 Triple Green 7's scratch tickets. I mean nothing says winning like Green 7's Boise.

I'll keep you posted on how that goes but there is some scratch madness happening right now. Take a shot and good luck.

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