Sure, buying a ticket is an essential step in hitting one of the top prizes on an Idaho Lottery scratch ticket. Even rookies know that!

But knowing which scratch games are nearly sold out and their top prize STILL hasn't been found? Now that knowledge is power that can result in a serious payday. The Idaho Lottery doesn't make this information a closely guarded secret. It's information that's easily available and regularly update on their website.

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The scratch ticket section of the Idaho Lottery's website will show you the percent of each game sold as well as how many top prizes and high tier prizes are remaining for each game. We combed through it on Wednesday, February 9 to see which games offer you the biggest jackpots and how close they are to selling out with that top prize still waiting to be found!

If you're going grocery shopping today or filling up at a gas station and you're feeling lucky, use this knowledge to help you decide which ticket to play!

18 Idaho Lottery Scratch Tickets With the Biggest Jackpots Remaining

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