Hard to believe that Christmas was just 3 weeks ago. Sure it was 2020, but the Treasure Valley managed to still get into the holiday spirit. Damn near every neighborhood was decked out in lights. Christmas In Color was up and running and Scentsy Commons had their light display in full force. Christmas movies were playing 24/7 on Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, and Freeform. Ah, it was so magical. Now we're in January, the most boring month of the year.

Now I drive around town and see deflated and roughed up decorations littered across yards, lights gone. I was even trying to find an official light show that was still going, but it looks like last weekend was the final chance for anything like that. But I did find one last glimmer of holiday hope to get me through January.

The Grove Plaza has their spectacular holiday tree up and lit until the 31st! If there's one thing I learned from watching Home Alone 2 on a loop all holiday season, it's that nothing feels more like Christmas than a Christmas Tree! In fact, when we finally took the tree down in our home, my son wailed that Christmas was over and I felt that in my soul.

So I'm packing the kids up in the car this weekend and heading downtown to soak up the kind of cheer that only a decorated tree can bring. Soon February will be here and we can focus on the month of love and romance. But until then might as well get a little more of that holiday buzz.

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