They always say the best time to get bikini ready is in the winter - so why not jump start this fall!

For those of us who lead busy lifestyles, we always have the same excuses. We'd eat healthier if it didn't take so long to make healthy meals and if it didn't cost as much. Well, we're officially of excuses because our friend Molly taught us how to make healthy and affordable minute meals!

Molly is a registered dietician who works exclusively out of the Albertsons store over in Eagle. She's part of a pilot program, offering Molly's services complimentary to guests who want to eat healthier, bulk up, or simply make smarter choices.

In this edition of minute meals, Molly walks us through how we can make peanut butter and banana rollups in just one minute! This is the ultimate protein-packed, on-the-go meal or snack.

Check out how easy it is to make a peanut butter and banana rollup below! Want your own dietary advice or customized meal ideas? Make sure to visit Molly at Albertsons for all of your grocery needs!

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