It's that time again! The family is asking for a pet. Not something simple, like a fish or a lizard. They want a cuddly mammal that doesn't live in a cage. A dog. The family wants a dog. And while I'm thankful they don't want a cat (I've got PTSD from one using my face as a launching pad. Lots of blood), I refuse to get a dog when pigs exist!

Though research on the subject varies, when it comes to intelligent animals pigs always outrank dogs. Don't get me wring, dogs are by no means stupid, but pigs are simply more intelligent and are never given the credit. Probably because they are usually looked at as breakfast food. But I'm a vegan, so that never factors for me. That said, pigs are highly trainable because of their smarts. I know this first hand because I had a pet pig in my adolescence.

Pig are also inarguably cute! I guess you could argue, but you'd be wrong. The stumpy legs, chunky body, and oinky snout--ADORABLE. They're also very affectionate and empathic, which is super awesome for kids. Pigs can be man's best friend in the same right as a dog if only given the chance.

And since I will inevitably spend the most time with the family pet, I'm going to make the executive decision that we will in fact welcome a pig into our home when the time is right. But first I need to know where even to find one of the little Wilburs. Thankfully I can always count on the Treasure Valley to point me in the right direction.

Animal cruelty is a non-negotiable for me, so it's very important to me not to support any establishment that mistreats their animals and cuts corners for sake of making a buck. Honey I Shrunk The Pigs is an organization of breeders specializing in mini pigs (not to be confused with "tea-cup" pigs which are NOT a thing). And while I don't love the concept of breeding, I do LOVE their commitment to making sure every pig lands a quality home.

Often people are under the misconception that mini pigs will stay "tea-cup" sized and when they grow they are disappointed and no longer want the pig. I totally understand that tiny baby pigs are adorable. But they are still cuddly wonderful pets when they are bigger. And a mini pig is still smaller than huge potbellied ones. But it's important to do your research before adopting a mini pig. Far too many are abandoned because owners weren't diligent when preparing to be pig parents.

Honey I Shrunk The Pigs will re-home any pig at risk of abandonment and even cover costs of transport if necessary. They also provide resources for those looking to rescue a pig, which is right in my wheelhouse. I strongly encourage anyone looking for a pet to go the rescue route, and consider saving a pig. Your home will have more love with a little porker in it.

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