I love McCall, our family owns a little condo that we purchased about 10 years ago and we visit often, but I can't believe I didn't know of this restaurant hidden at the top of the Mountain just outside town.

For a small town I am always impressed by the great food available...Fish at Steamers, Steaks and ribs at The Mill, comfort food at Lardo's and some of the top food in Idaho at

Almost any kind of food you want from, pizza, sushi, Mexican, Chinese and just plain burgers can found in and around McCall and we love trying them all...but in all the years of visiting McCall, I didn't know this amazing place existed...and we will definitely be trying it a visit soon..It's called the Bear's Den and it's located at the top of Brundage Mountain.

It's not cheap, but at $129, it's not really expensive for everything that you get either. The food is amazing, with choices like Pan seared duck or elk tenderloin, plus your trip includes a snow cat ride up the side of Brundage Mountain to a beautiful and rustic lodge...that of course comes with a view that no other restaurant any where can offer, especially if you book your trip during a full moon the last weekend in March.

Keep in mind you MUST make reservations and they're only open on a limited number of nights, although they will make special provisions for you if you have a group of at least 12 people




Get on board a snow cat for a ride to the top of the mountain for dinner....

Outside the restaurant.....


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