Football season is coming up, and that means the Seahawks on TV on Sunday afternoons, steaks on the grill, and perhaps an adult beverage in hand. What's your booze of choice?  If your tastes are changing you're not alone.

The definition of "Millennials" is kind of vague.  It's those of us who reached adulthood around the year 2000, but there are no exact dates for when the generation starts and ends.  But let's not get caught up in the fine print.  Millennials who drink used to prefer vodka, but that is changing now to a love for bourbon instead.

Time Magazine says in a nutshell that vodka sales are dropping, and bourbon sales are increasing.

What's a good mix for bourbon?

Coke and Diet Coke are always on standby.  There are recipes floating around online that call for everything from orange juice and grenadine, to apple juice, to energy drinks.

Calorie wise, vodka has 97 per shot and bourbon has about 100.  Not a big difference.

This is not to encourage you to get ripped or anything like that.  Please drink responsibly!  But if you have millennials at your football parties this fall, know you should probably stock up on some of the hard stuff in addition to your good ole Idaho craft beer.

Which one has the worst hangovers?  I hear that's bourbon.  Nothing a Bad Boy or Hawkins burger can't fix.

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