There is almost never a reason to forget Mom on Mother's Day. The only plausible reasons that can think of is if you're laying in a ditch somewhere dead or in the middle of nowhere with no cell or phone service. And that's what happened to this guy

Atticus was literally in the middle of nowhere.  Remember the movie "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon? Atticuss is in Month one, about 500 miles into the Pacific Crest 2660 mile hike from Mexico to Canada.

On Mother's Day he had hoped to be 500 miles into his hike and at an area to be able to call his mom, Sandra Teal, who lives here in Boise and wish her a Happy Mother's Day.  He didn't make it to Green Valley, a rest area of the hike until Monday, 5/9.  So he enlisted the help of the New Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole to make a special dedication.

Here is that phone call and really long distance dedication from Atticus to his mom Sandra

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