Before you waste many hours wrapping messy Christmas presents, watch how you can save hours and hours of time wrapping this year....and no this isn't about using gift bags

I am a big proponent of using gift bags for Christmas gift wrapping.  Just plop in the gift, close it up and staple...boom, easy peasy...done!

But I discovered this video that will get your wrapping done in a quarter of the time...And I do admit it looks better than most gift bags.  This really comes in handy for Santa and his elves

Instead of centering a box in the middle of the paper, the trick is to start with one of the corners.  And you can wrap a gift in ten seconds flat.

Which is pretty awesome because on average it usually takes me about 5 or 6 minutes to completely wrap a gift.  I am definitely using this for wrapping Christmas gifts this year.

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