Dear Mike and Nicole,

I have been dating a wonderful man for over a year.  We were both in long marriages before we met each other.   The thought of being in an intimate relationship was a bit scary for me at the beginning but I allowed my feelings to grow towards him.

The issue I am having is:  He has told me that he loves me a couple of times and has taken those words back. This last time he told me he loved me and he was in it for the long haul with me, I was caught off guard, we were on holiday and hiking outside.   A couple of days later he began acting strange towards me and told me that he was confused, that he loved me but wasn't sure if he should have said it to me.  More transpired but ultimately we didn't see each other for a couple of days and he reached out to me about going to dinner and apologized to me.
We continue seeing each other often, practically everyday for the last month and a half I have been staying at his house.  He gave me a key to his house and I have closet space and drawers to store my clothes.
My question is: Should I keep going the way things are?  Everything points to the fact that we both love each other.  We have so much fun together, we accept each others faults, and our relationship is not based on intimate relations alone.  I am hoping that eventually we get to a point that I sell my house and move in with him.  I am not sure if either one of us is wanting to ever get remarried but I do believe I see us in a long term relationship that possibly would be life partners.
Thank You.
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