Back in June 2020, Dr. Sherawn Reberry resigned as the superintendent of the Middleton School District. The Middleton School Board of Trustees then named Kristin Beck, assistant superintendent of human resources, to serve as superintendent in the interim. On Monday the district announced she will be returning to her original post on July 1, 2021.

Board chairman Kirk Adams shared, “Kristin has been a strong superintendent, stepping in and calming the waters, addressing difficult budget decisions that involved deep budget cuts. She has earned praise from the board, the district leadership team and staff, and we are fortunate that she will remain with the Middleton School District. She will be a valuable resource for the new superintendent. Keeping this team together is very important; seeing success in these trying times is a testament to Kristin’s leadership, our entire team and our community's willingness to partner with us on this journey.”

The Middleton School District will be working with the Idaho School Boards Association in order to find a full time replacement for the superintendent position. There is more time than in previous searches (the district has gone through four superintendents in four years) to find someone who fits the bill. The hope is to have that person take office on July 1st, 2021.

It is a strange time navigating the waters of the public education system in this era of Covid-19. Strong leadership is a must. Hopefully the next person hired has what it takes to fulfill that role and can last longer than a year.


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