Meridian Parks and Recreation is hosting its fifth annual Unplug and Be Outside event which started on Saturday. It’s an eight-day event which runs through this Saturday, April 29.

There are more than 40 FREE activities during the week, including outdoor photography, lacrosse, disc golf, rugby, fishing, golf, football, soccer, tennis, bird watching, hiking, mountain biking and several arts-related activities. The finale is the Treasure Valley Kite Festival! How fun!

Unplug and Be Outside was created to inspire families to get off the couch and be more active. Put away the electronics and try a new activity that you may have never though to look into!

Try a new sport, participate in a new individual or family activity, or visit a new place!

This is a great idea! Sometimes, we don't mean to get stuck in our routines or sucked into work, it's completely normal. But, events like this are a great way to refocus and work on that quality time with family that we all so desperately need.

Find the full week of scheduled activities HERE!

What are you excited to try?!

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