We've all heard of the Man Cave, an oasis for men usually dedicated to sports, playing pool, or video games. Well, now there's something for us women that I'm really digging!

The "She Shed".

Yes, ladies. A place of your own to read, craft, or knit. Whatever you choose to do, it's a place you can relax and make your own. They're re purposed garden sheds, gazebos or even cabins built at the end of the garden or backyard. Instead of leather couches, big screen TV's, and a bar, which you typically see in Man Cave spaces, you can style your She Shed with beautiful Moroccan rugs, cushions, chandeliers and coffee tables.

I can totally see myself curled up with a good book or gossip magazine, maybe setting up an art space to do some painting, or even just a soothing place to listen to music and have some "me" time. We all know time like that is precious when you have children!

I would definitely have a rustic-chic look with a lot of wood and an elegant chandelier, with sheer white curtains swaying in the breeze.

What would you have in your She Shed?

Take a look at some these inspirations for a relaxing outdoor space at House Beautiful, The Painted Home, or Flower Patch Farmhouse.

Credit: Denise Sabia/The Painted Home