I want to begin this by first saying thanks for stopping by and most importantly, thank you for welcoming me with open arms into the Treasure Valley. I arrived here from San Antonio, Texas (about 26 hours away for those wondering) and allow me to just say, everyone in the surrounding area has been so welcoming to my family and I. I’ll be giving you a little pick-me-up (and hopefully some laughs) every afternoon from 3pm-7pm on Boise’s Mix 106.

I am engaged to my fiancée, Bailey and VERY a proud father of two girls with my four-year-old, Avalyn and my one-year-old Eliana. One could seriously argue that my four-year-old is actually going on sixteen, but as I continue to hear from other parents: “It only gets better!" It's those very moments that I cannot WAIT to share with you when we get to meet face-to-face.


I began to hone the chops that would lead me into radio at the ripe age of eighteen when I began DJing weddings and events. I knew right then and there I wanted to do something involving music and entertaining. The DJ journey took me into my twenties on a winding road of house parties, long nights, and eventually the first live in-arena DJ for my hometown San Antonio Spurs.

That gig didn’t last however and I got a phone call from a buddy who was working for a radio station in town. He told me of an “entry level position” for a station that could help me get back out there. Not really putting much thought into it and getting over the loss of a DJ sports gig, I went for it. Little did I know this would lead me right into a promotions job with a country radio station in my hometown.

I was hooked.

The first chance I got to set up a broadcast event for a radio jockey, I just began asking millions of questions. I literally had NO idea that all the years I spent DJing and MCing weddings could translate into radio… it was perfect.

I would spend the next few months literally in the inbox of every radio co-worker I had who I thought could help me grow in this amazing industry. Fast forward seven years later, I was eventually presented an opportunity to come to Boise by an amazing staff here at Townsquare Media.

“How do you feel about moving?”, my now current boss asked me.

Now let me tell you, it was a no-brainer. Texas is beautiful and amazing in it’s own right, don’t get me wrong… but after spending all thirty-four years of my life in the Lone Star State, I knew this was a sign for my family and I to make a change.

I still consider myself a “young father” and with this being the first time I got to call a “family meeting” with my two children and fiancée, it really did feel incredible. Dorky, I know… but hey, it’s the little things, right? I told you I was a proud father!!

After a lengthy interview and hiring process, I graciously accepted the offer and am currently living out of a hotel in Nampa. Being in the Treasure Valley for the last five days has really opened a new perspective for this native Texan (who has never lived anywhere else) and one that is extra fulfilling due to it happening because of this very opportunity to hang with you on the radio.

Whether it’s at one of our station events or while enjoying the holiday décor in The Village, I cannot WAIT to meet you and take in more of this amazing place that my family can now call home. Feel free to drop me a line with any recommendations or things you enjoy in town…. And you are correct: “There is no ‘Z’ in Boise!” See you around!


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