It's that time of year again when more people are on the roads distracted while they're driving. A tragedy was avoided recently when a white pickup truck almost hit him. The Trooper was helping a stranded motorist in a Toyota sedan when the vehicle plowed into him.

Idaho State Police are investigating a six-car collision this Wednesday morning on Ten Mile Road in Merdian. Thankfully, the Trooper was not hit by the incoming truck. His quick thinking is credited with possibly saving his life.

ISP gave the details of this scary encounter in a release. "The ISP patrol vehicle was stopped in the median as the Trooper assisted a stranded motorist with a flat tire. The Trooper was wearing a yellow safety vest. His patrol car was parked behind the stranded vehicle, a Toyota sedan, with its emergency lights activated."

Thankfully the owner of the Toyota was not hit as the truck smashed his car. ISP is continuing to investigate the situation. They believe the chain reaction began when a vehicle was starting to slow down, was his by another causing the 'chain reaction.' Two pickups were then pushed to the left, one hitting the Toyota and almost the Trooper.

The Trooper was taken to the hospital and released with a few minor injuries. Several passing motorists called 911 to get help to him as fast as possible.

"Traffic stops are very high risk. They're necessary to keep people safe on the road and to help those stranded, but we need motorists' help so we can all go home at night," said Idaho State Police Sgt. Brandalyn Crapo. "Slowing down and moving over for emergency vehicles and workers isn't just a courtesy, it's the law. Drivers need to be alert to emergency lights and vehicles and always alert to what's happening around them. That keeps all of us safe."

Idaho has a stringent slow-down move over law that is to aid officers who are helping motorists. No word on who if anyone will be charged with a possible violation.

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