Today is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate women’s achievements across the world.

With gender being such a strong topic of conversation these days, this day is getting more attention and not just passing by like another day.

McDonalds, in fact, is flipping the script! And by that, I mean their logo! Some of the restaurants are flipping the iconic arches upside-down to make a “W” to support women today. They even changed their logo on their website, social media, and about 100 of the stores will have special packaging, shirts, and hats.

The McDonald's arches can be seen from a mile away and as soon as you see them, you know exactly what it is. I remember being on road trips with my family as a kid and we'd be on a long stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. As soon as we saw those golden arches, my brother and I would start bugging my parents for a happy meal and toy.

It's an interesting marketing choice for McDonald's, but it will get a lot of attention.

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