I moved to Boise close to 10 months ago and I really haven't been be able to make much friends outside of work. It's been a struggle but I also know that I'm not alone.

I've talked to a handful of people now who are relatively new to town as well but have at least been here for a couple of years and they all agree that it's actually kind of hard to make friends here.

Moving in the middle of a pandemic only made it harder, of course. I haven't been going to bars and really even felt comfortable socializing with groups of strangers until recently. Hopefully with more and more people getting vaccinated and restrictions lightening up, this factor will change. Despite the pandemic, moving to a new city and making new friends is still not an easy thing to do.

They don't necessarily teach you this stuff in school and it's never really talked about as part of the challenges of moving. Probably 90% of the friends, I've made in the past decade of my life have been people have gone to college or high school with sooo that doesn't even really count.

I'm in my mid 20s so I know there are protentional besties out there but the big question is - HOW and WHERE does one meet them? Have you ever moved to a new place and had to start your friend group over completely from scratch. Where some places and ways to meet people specifically here in Boise?

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