Savannah and I have tried some of the home meal delivery services with minimal success. One instance we did online and had to sign up for 3 meals throughout one week. We liked one of the meals, didn't like another one, and the last one was just thrown away because it didn't sound as appealing as it did last week when we ordered it. Ordering them online doesn't work for us, but I was excited when I saw the same type of meal kit available at the new Albertsons on Broadway.

There was a bunch of different meal kits to choose from and they are called, Plated meal kits. It gave me all the ingredients and instructions to create a delicious meal quickly, so I could look like a hero to my wife after work!

When I was at the store I grabbed the Beef Greek Gyros, which is something that Savannah and I had never eaten together before. It's always fun to try out new foods together even after being together for 12 years. I wanted to prepare everything for her so I told her to just relax while I made everything.

The entire meal took me around 30 minutes and each instruction and ingredient was easy to follow and already perfectly pre-packaged. The meal was delicious, filling, and simple after a long day at work. If you're looking for a fun way to make a delicious dinner make sure you stop by Albertsons and try their new Plated meal kits!

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