This week is so strange for me as my wife Savannah is in Alabama visiting her grandparents. To most couples it's no big deal to be away from each other, for us it's abnormal because we really are always together. Rest assured, she still gave me a to-do list so I am staying busy knocking out chores while she is away. :)

In all reality I do need your help with something. On Wednesday we celebrate the 4th of July and with Savannah still down in Alabama I am going to a friends house for a potluck and to just enjoy some time outside. This is where I need help, I never come up with ideas like a side dish for a potluck. Do you have any good suggestions?

My friends who own the home have already said they are making up a large brisket for everyone to enjoy. Some of the side dishes that have already been announced by other people attending are: baked beans, bacon coleslaw, and a delicious Penne/Grape/Gorgonzola salad. Desserts include a Blackberry pie and a variety of others. Again, thank you for any ideas other than a trip to the deli department at Costco. Although Costco is my Plan B as of now.

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