Peyton Manning took the time to track down a military member to thank him for his service recently.  And he went out of his way to do it.  This is a cool story!

There's a Manning fan named Ryan Patterson who serves in the Army, and he's such a huge follower that he even tried to relocate to Denver when Peyton joined the Broncos so he'd never miss a game.  When they were stationed in North Pole, Alaska (really!), Ryan's wife Kristin wrote a letter to Peyton asking for a meeting.  She said Ryan would even set his alarm for Peyton's games when he was stationed in Afghanistan.

Peyton liked the story, but the letter didn't include any contact info and North Pole, Alaska seems kinda vague.  Oops!  But Peyton has resources, and was eventually able to find the couple and set up a meeting at the Broncos team hotel before the Bengals game on December 22nd.  Peyton thanked Ryan for his service, chatted with the couple, and played with their daughter.

I love Peyton even more now!  (I was the one person who wore a Manning jersey to a Colts home game when Andrew Luck was the quarterback.  I think he's the greatest QB ever.)  He seems smart, respectful, and he's a total pro. I just wish he wouldn't wear his helmet so tight so that mark on his forehead would go away.

The Broncos host a playoff game against the Colts this coming Sunday, January 11th.  Go Peyton!

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