Was I the only one taking Lennox out for a bike ride on Sunday? My 4-year-old was itching to get outside and I was ready to let him burn up some energy. Hey Winter, where'd you go?

The current forecast calls for mid-40-degree temperatures with a potential 50-degree day that INCLUDES snow. That's far from what we're used to seeing but that's not the case for everyone else. Looking for snow? Say hello to the Polar Vortex ❄️

If you're looking for that powder baby it's okay snowboarding weather on the mountain here. You want that crazy stuff like we back in the Winter of 2016-17 then you'll need to head out for Iowa! Hey, Michigan are those roads open? Looks like the Polar Vortex will wreak havoc this week with well below zero temperatures. Chicago will see -27 degrees below. Can you say, "Baby it's cold outside!"

Photo by: Keleluv

Add all of that with 40 mph winds in the Upper Midwest and it looks like 55 million people in 24 percent of the continental U.S. will be sitting at zero degrees or colder. According to USA Today, it looks like there could be 72 hour periods of below zero temperatures. Now, I've lived in Anchorage, Alaska and that's COLD! I was explaining to my new co-host Kat that just one inhale will free your nose hairs. It hurts to breathe in air that cold. I would stay tuned for a potential shift in weather but as of right now - we're looking pretty warm in comparison.

For those moving to Idaho thinking this is typical? It depends but make no mistake about Mother Nature, this is what it looked like this time in 2017 in my photos below.

Photo by: Kekeluv

That snow destroyed by driveway and entryway. I put salt down and it froze over just tearing it into pieces. I learned my lesson.