Summer 2021 is basically half over. The expectation for this summer was for it to be so epic it would make up for how we were robbed of a proper summer last year because of the pandemic. (Won't it be great when that word leaves the lexicon?) Here in Idaho it definitely feels like things are getting back to normal and we are back to doing the things that make summer feel like summer. We've even had a few concerts. But one thing that has yet to make its return is Dueling Pianos at Brickyard.

A staple for several years now, Dueling Pianos is quite the show to accompany your dinner or drinks. Review after review on Yelp has people praising Dueling Pianos as a blast:
"The dueling pianos are truly a must while in Boise. A great performance and talented singers making it a great overall experience." - Jacob B.
"...If you're looking for a fun time, I highly recommend the Dueling Pianos. So much fun!" - Melissa D.
"I absolutely love coming here on Saturdays for the dueling pianos! Great entertainment, great wine, great memories!!" - Shelby M.

It's no wonder everyone's been waiting for its post pandemic triumphant return. Just last week I was at Brickyard having drinks at the bar when I couldn't help but overhear several patrons ask when Dueling Pianos was coming back. The answer: At the end of July. Exciting, right? That's just a couple weeks away. But don't start making plans yet. That timeline has been pushed back.

As of right now, the tentative return of Boise's favorite night time entertainment will happen at the end of August. No specific date yet. But at the very least we know it will still be summer. Something to look forward to.

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