According to a report from CitySquare, the city of Boise is expected to continue to rapidly grow and will be one of the fastest-growing cities by the year 2060.

...the population of the Boise City metro area in Idaho is projected to grow from 807,700 in 2022 to 1,363,100 in 2060. The 68.8% projected population growth in the metro area is the 16th highest of all 384 U.S. metro areas.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Your article title says 50 years. In 50 years, it won't be 2060, it will be 2073."

You would be correct. However, we're only using that data and information from CitySquare to highlight the fact that Boise is growing... and it's happening fast.

This has me wondering, what would Boise look like in 50 years? I figured if we're going to see population growth of that magnitude, surely Boise will look way different in half a century's time, right?

Turning to the "experts"

I took to social media and asked longtime residents of Boise what they think the City of Trees would look like in 50 years. Sure, I could make my own predictions but wouldn't you agree that if you've lived in Boise for some time, you could make a more accurate prediction? Say like... zombies? No? Okay, fair - let's see what the people think Boise will look like in 50 years.

Locals Predict What Boise Will Look Like In 50 Years

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All things considered, I don't think some of the things above are the worst that could happen to Boise. Sure, zombies are terrifying and an apocalyptic wasteland sounds super depressing, but I would happily take that over the rush hour traffic that will likely be plaguing I-84 in 50 years.

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