If you've ever had the chance to take a stroll down Freak Alley, it's likely you've beheld the vibrant artwork by Ashley Dreyfus. It's my favorite piece in the Freak Alley Gallery. I immediately started following Dreyfus on Instagram so I could get my daily fix of her incredible creations. Just a couple weeks ago I stumbled upon this beauty.

First of all, life is lively and I wish I were on that swing! This is the type of artwork that brings sunshine to your heart, especially during a pandemic. Clearly I'm a fan. But more importantly, as noted in the caption, Pabst Blue Ribbon was holding a can art contest and she had a design in the running! Naturally I had to vote for her!

But my bias is totally justified! Out of 4200+ entries, Pabst Blue Ribbon announced Ashley Dreyfus as the winner of their can art contest. Not only will her artwork grace the cylindrical surface of 30 million PBR cans, but she gets to take home a $10,000 cash prize and have a feature in Juxtapoz magazine.

Of her win and the success she's experienced, Dreyfus told Boise Weekly, "I never thought I could make it this far at such a young age. I really want to stress that, people can do it differently and make the art they want and even make a living at it."

The rest of the country likes to make jokes about how podunk and uncultured Idaho is. It's heartening when someone from right here in one of our towns does something awesome on a national stage to help change that narrative.

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