You would think that it's not very often that TSA agents find loaded guns in passenger's carry-on bags, right? I mean, you should know what you've got in your bags, especially if it's a loaded weapon and you're trying to get on an airplane! Well, apparently it happens more than you think.

According to KTVB, last year 27 guns were discovered in carry-on luggage at the Boise Airport. Yesterday marked the first time this year that a loaded gun was confiscated from a passenger. A woman had the loaded 9 mm Smith and Wesson pistol in her carry-on baggage. According to KTVB, the TSA agent noticed the gun on the X-ray scanner and contacted the Boise Police Department.

When officers arrived, they confiscated the weapon and interviewed the woman in question. There are no details on whether or not the woman will face charges; the case has been handed over to the Ada County Prosecutor's Office.

So, here's the deal, it is completely legal to travel with a gun in the U.S. But here are the rules (according to KTVB):

  • The gun must be unloaded
  • the gun must be packed in a locked, hard-sided case and placed in checked baggage.
  • Guns, gun parts or ammunition must be declared at the ticket counter prior to going through security.

TSA Federal Security Director for Idaho has a tip to make sure you're not in the same predicament as this woman: “Double check before you head to the airport to make sure there is nothing prohibited in your carry-on luggage.”

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