We see a lot of Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox these days, mostly hanging out in Mexico on BFF vacations, but what about the third beloved friend?  I love them all.

Lisa Kudrow is coming back to TV in a show called The Comeback.  And if you think the name sounds familiar, here's why.

The show was on HBO in 2005, but it was short-lived.  And now The Comeback is making a....well, you know.  Entertainment Weekly says the show will follow a D-Lister desperate for attention, who has a whole new attitude.  And she'll have a blog and a Twitter account, and might be improved, but she won't be perfect.  She'll win some and lose a lot, and I'm sure I'll be glued.

Just for grins, remember Phoebe Buffay singing Smelly Cat on Friends?  I wish that would make a "comeback."