Between wild boars stealing pop stars' purses and rappers' cousins' friends' swollen testicles making national news, celebrity news in the year 2021 just keeps getting weirder and wilder. The latest headline Mad Libs to grab our admittedly fleeting, ever-shrinking attention spans? You can now bid on a furry NFT of Lindsay Lohan's canine fursona!

On Wednesday (Sept. 29), Lohan announced that she's teamed up with the Canine Cartel, a "limited NFT collection where each token doubles as your membership to the Cartel," according the the project's website, through a paid partnership.

Lohan's "Friend of The Cartel" Canine — a voluptuous white pooch wearing a blue suit and featuring Lohan's signature red locks and freckles — is reportedly the first minted NFT featured in the Canine Cartel's thousands-plus collection, and is available to bid on until Saturday (Oct. 2) at noon ET. The actress's Canine breed? Pomeranian.

The current top bid, at time of publishing, is worth $1,640.96. Bid here if you'd like.

See Lohan's apparent fursona, below:

Not sure what a fursona is? Good for you for having a life offline! But according to Merriam-Webster, it's basically a "personalized animal character" created by a furry (someone who has a "keen interest in, or even dresses up as, anthropomorphic animal characters"). The word is a portmanteau of "furry" and "persona."

Of course, Lohan's partnership with the furry NFT project is a bit out of left field for the one-time A-lister, and many folks on Twitter — furries and "normies" alike — are scratching their heads at the unique collaboration.

Then again, Lohan has never seemed to shy away from getting her coins one way or another, whether via appearing in law commercials or whatever this iconic little slice of 2000s fashion is.

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