After a married Idaho woman said he made unwanted sexual advances during a meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, Corey Lewandowski is looking for a job. Lewandowski, who has been with President Trump from the beginning. He was the former president's campaign manager and is credited with the motto 'let Trump be Trump.'  

Lewandowski was arrested in 2016 for attempted battery during a campaign rally detailed by the Atlantic.  After the election, he wrote two best-selling books and worked for Maga Action. Former Florida Attorney General Pat Biondi replaced him.  Politico broke the story citing four witnesses to Lewandoski making the unwanted advances.

From the Politico Article:

Trashelle Odom, the wife of Idaho construction executive John Odom, alleges that Lewandowski repeatedly touched her, including on her leg and buttocks, and spoke to her in sexually graphic terms. Odom said that Lewandowski “stalked” her throughout the evening.

She provided specific details to the publication:

“On the evening of September 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada, I attended a dinner to support a charity and spend time with wonderful friends,” Odom said in a statement to POLITICO. “He repeatedly touched me inappropriately, said vile and disgusting things to me, stalked me, and made me feel violated and fearful,” she said, referring to Lewandowski.

“I am coming forward because he needs to be held accountable,” Odom continued. “I am blessed to have a loving husband and family behind me. I want other women to know that you can be heard, too, and together we can stop terrible things like this from happening.”

No word from Lewandowski on the matter, although he has hired a Las Vegas attorney to represent him on this issue. Lewandowski did consider running for senate in his home state of New Hampshire. He has been a high-profile defender of the former president through numerous network and cable television appearances.  

Who is Corey Lewandowski ?

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