This Saturday is your last chance of the year to visit the Linder Farms Farmer's Market. The farm announced on Facebook that "as summer is coming to an end, so is the Market at Linder Farms. This Saturday will be our last farmers market from 9am-1pm! Come support small, local business as well as enjoy our sunflower fields." 

I have yet to visit Linder Farms since I moved out here but I've seen their beautiful sunflower fields all over social media. I always love to support farmer's markets when I can. It makes me feel so much better about the food that I'm buying and then putting in my body. Here's a few reasons why you should shop from local farmer's markets such as Linder Farms!

Local - not only are you helping to fuel your local economy but locally sourced food does not require it to be shipped half-way around the world. It's better for the economy and you.

More affordable - the prices of fruits and veggies you find at farmer's markets are almost always cheaper than the prices you see in grocery stores.

Safer and fresher - there's a good chance the produce was just picked that same day or the yesterday compared to being packaged and filled with preservatives several days before.

More nutritious - you can always tell how nutritious a fruit is based on its color. The more brighter the fruit the more nutritious it is! The fruit found at farmers markets always looks so much more vivid and colorful.


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