When I first moved to Idaho I had to do so without my family. We were 4 months into the pandemic and had things that needed to be settled back in Las Vegas before the entire family could make the move. So my husband stayed back with our kids and the car, and I ventured out alone on a one way flight.  For two months I relied on the kindness of co-workers and the advent of Uber to make my way around the city. I never once thought about using public transit simply because I didn't think it existed. I have not once seen it in any form. Apparently Valley Regional Transit is a thing, and there are busses. But from what I've learned through community Facebook pages, residents seem to find it unsatisfactory.

Now the The Community Planning Association wants your input on adding high-capacity transit to the Treasure Valley. Would you be interested in a light rail, commuter rail or bus rapid transit that would run parallel to Interstate 84 between Caldwell and Boise were there an option? The COMPASS website is offering a survey for residents to fill out on the matter. You have until February 27th, 2021 to complete your submissions. There are two live online presentations you can watch about the potential project on Tuesday, February 2, 5:00 – 6:00 pm and Thursday, February 4, 12:00 – 1:00 pm.

Once Covid life is over, I'd totally be down to hop on a light rail to go to work. I'd be able to get reading and work done while I listen to music on headphones and it would minimize my carbon footprint. Safe to say I'm going to participate in the survey and live presentation Q & A.


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