Autumn officially began early today around 1:30pm, but the signs have been everywhere for weeks. Already there are trees with leaves of brilliant red, orange, and yellow. And there are a ton of trees whose leaves have fallen altogether in crisp brown piles perfect for jumping in and crunching with your boots. But the weather is still nice enough for lawns to be alive and green. So are you still keeping your lawn thriving until the last possible moment, or have you given up?

I've noticed a lot of the lawns in my neighborhood are already dingy and dead despite thriving just weeks ago. My lawn is still pretty green and lush, but I'm a renter and my landlord has a little landscaping crew that comes by weekly to make that happen. Is that the difference? If you are a household responsible for your own landscaping, do you hit September and let go of upkeep since it's about to all go dead for fall and winter anyway?

Turns out lawn care should be year round even if it seems pointless in the fall and winter. According to Lawn Buddies, you shouldn't skip Fall fertilization. "The final fertilizer treatment in fall includes important slow-release granular fertilizer that feeds your hungry lawn for the winter and helps it pop back up, ready to impress, in the spring."

Again, I don't take care of my lawn personally. I just know aesthetically it's awkward to have the yard with the trash grass when your neighbor's is thriving. So if you're the Idahoan who gives up, better luck next year in the spring when you can start over trying.

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