It was 4:30am when I left the house through the front door to head off to work this morning. I was horrified to see that my husband had left the garage door open. we had slept through the night where everything in our garage was in plain view and the door leading into the house was unlocked. I was freaked out and by the time he woke up he had a barrage of texts from me explaining how dangerous that is. His response: Babe, we live in Idaho. It's fine. Is it?

Naturally I had to ask all my coworkers if this was normal. I've always been high strung and a worrier when it comes to safety. So there is a strong possibility I am just overreacting. My general manager assured confessed he even leaves his car unlocked, sometimes with the keys inside, it's so safe here. Now, of course crime exists in Idaho. But when it comes to break ins and burglaries, is it foolish to be so lax about door locking and alarm systems?

According to Cove Smart, "Residents are unlikely to be targeted for property crime in Idaho. In fact, there is a 1 in 68 chance that residents of Idaho will be targeted for property crime. In Idaho, there are 23 crimes per square mile (compared to the national average of 31.1 crimes per square mile)." So that's cool! we're lower than the national average. And a study from 2019 shows 47 states have a higher crime rate than Idaho.

I'm not so naive to think that nothing bad could ever happen, but I guess I don't have to freak out so hard if a door or window is accidentally left unlocked...but I'm definitely double checking tonight.

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