That's it! It's a wrap and time to call Winter to explain she can leave now. I'm just kidding snow angels because we love the Winter months. I think we're just ready for some sunshine and warm weather.

Bogus Basin on the other hand isn't quite ready to close the door on the season quite yet. Last weekend would have been the last chance to find some powder and hit the slopes. Management changed their mind with a special extension.

This weekend will be the official last weekend to grab your skis, snowboards, and friends for a drive up to Bogus Basin. We have been granted a bonus weekend by Brad Wilson, General Manager at the hot spot.

Thank you for being part of the Bogus Basin family, and for your loyalty and support throughout the 2020/2021 season.


Thanks to the outstanding work of our snowmaking team and with help from Mother Nature, conditions remain excellent on trails and runs throughout the area. I am excited to announce that after daily operations on April 11, we will extend the ski and snowboard season for a Bonus Weekend - April 17-18.


During this Bonus Weekend, all 2020/2021 season pass types will be honored at the lifts, including midweek, night, and Nordic.


See you on the slopes!

That comes from Brad Wison, Bogus Basin General Manager. This reminds me of the times we spent downtown hosting events on daylight savings times when you get that additional hour. Wait, which one is that? It was that last hour and it was almost like everyone turned into kids again. Come to think of it that might have been odd, but who cares!

The same goes for the slopes and the weather should be beautiful this weekend.


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