There are just two days until Christmas. Have you completed your shopping? Now that the deadline for packages to arrive by Christmas is long gone, it seems like we all have to resign ourselves to the fact that all the gifts are arriving late. But don't lose hope! There are a couple ways to make sure your loved ones get gifts on time!.

Don't write off the power of a gift card. And most places offer e-gift cards that can be delivered straight into the recipient's email address. I totally understand that this can feel impersonal, so here's a trick to adding a special touch. Go to the website for which you purchased the gift card and find the items that you would have gifted the person had you enough time to get them shipped for Christmas. Take screen shots and make a virtual card with the images explaining that those items made you think of them and inspired the gift card purchase. And just text it to them. More likely they'll see it in a text. Here's an example:

Christmas gift

Another route is same day delivery using Shipt. If you hit the Google machine you can find deals on discounted membership. I pay $9.99 a month and it's a life saver. A shopper goes to whichever store you specify, picks up the items, and delivers them the same day to whichever address you choose. You'll have to give up the desire to have the gifts wrapped, but they'll get to their destination. Just give your loved ones the heads up on the delivery window.

I've employed both methods and they've worked out perfectly! Happy last minute shopping!


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