I feel myself getting a little defensive about this, wanting to say, "but, but, BUT!"

Is it totally on us that we're still single, ladies?  One blogger makes it sound like it's all our fault that we're on the outside lookin' in, ridin' solo while our friends are partnered up or married.  Can't we just say the right situation hasn't come along yet?

See if you agree with these alleged reasons that we're single.  I'll admit one of them. High expectations?  Yep!A blogger on iDiva.com says a big reason for our single-hood is unreal expectations.  We have some lofty idea in our heads about the qualities Mr. Right will have when he arrives on that white horse, and we're setting ourselves up for disappointment.  We're convinced he will be funny, smart, sexy and hotter than hot, rich, great with kids, know how to fix stuff, help old ladies across the street and volunteer at church, rub our backs and draw hot baths for us and rub our feet, AND get his own beer out of the fridge.  Yes we do!  Exactly! What's so wrong with that?  I'll admit having high expectations, and I don't think they're unreal at all.  Put it this way...I don't expect any more out of a man than I desire for myself.  I'm an equal opportunity critic.  And I'm gonna dream even if it means I'm an old maid someday, staring out the window of the nursing home still hopeful.  For the record, I can do without the hot bath, but all of that other stuff would be great.

I don't know about these other reasons why single gals are single.  According to the blog, we're single because:

We cannot compromise
We have commitment/ ex issues
We are workaholics
We have bad habits

Depsite my rant above about sticking to high standards, I think us single gals are great at compromise.  We're giving when it comes to time and schedules and absorbing guys into our lives that already have a million other obligations.  And maturity has taught us to meet in the middle regarding issues at the office, and in all of our relationships. Maybe we do work more than some, and our singing-in-the-shower habit gets annoying, but we're over the ex and not phobic when it comes to commitment, right?

Regardless, we're still going to be out there swiping right on Tinder, digging through all those crazy profile pictures of guys holding up dead fish and shining up their cars and petting their dogs, looking for true love.  Hang in there ladies!  One of them will have it all.  Or, they'll have a few of the qualities on our mental lists and they'll end up making us very happy.  We'll know it when it happens.