Say it isn't so Idaho! We just lost one of the best news anchors in the Northwest, Mark Johnson just announced his retirement.

I'm just about to go on-air as an alert came through and it was shocking. It was like all the clouds were aligned as Mark announced he will be skipping away in the sunset after a historic 30-year run at KTVB.

KTVB's Mark Johnson is a household name in Idaho and could arguably be the most popular anchor in the country. I don't say that lightly as Mark Johnson went trending two weeks ago and became a news sensation. How did he do it, Mark Johnson.

It has been a blessing and an incredible honor to serve or region while working at the most amazing station in American for the better part of my life. I never imagined I would go to so many places around the country and the world to cover events and stories that mattered to Idahoans. More importantly for me, being able to live and raise a family in such an amazing community while working with hundreds of colleagues who have been more like a family to me has been the greatest gift.

I can tell you that Mark is a class act. This man treated me with the most respect in every meeting and is quite funny. I remember be a part of this local "Dancing with the Stars" competition in which Mark was a host. I had just recently lived on a billboard in Downtown Boise for a week and fasted in my fight against Child Abuse Prevention.

We have Kekeluv who loves to do crazy things for his efforts to battle child abuse like living on a billboard for a week without eating...Keke, come here and eat something buddy. Come get a cheese cracker or something!

That's me paraphrasing that moment, but it was memorable. I was watching our niece at the Nutcracker one year when I heard, "Keke!" and I turned around to a smiling Mark Johnson. He just always made us feel like we knew him for years and we kind of did.

Congratulations Mark! You will be missed and Idahoans learning about your big announcement will be sad. There is happiness to see you left on your own terms and at the pinnacle of popularity sir. I'm going to make a shirt and wear it tomorrow, "Mark Johnson for LIFE!" I'll work on that a bit.

The KTVB anchor will be hosting until the end of the year.

See Mark's big announcement HERE.



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